Dog Harness Vest - Dog Tactical Vest Harness - Service Dog Harness

Dog harness vest can be very useful for both the owner and the dog. If you are looking for the most convenient choice for your dog look no further. After our research for Dog harness vest and dog tactical vest harness, we will illustrate you the best choices for each one respectively. Also, the best service dog vest is compiled.

Dog Harness Vest for all dogs

Julius K-9 - $48.99
Julius-K9;Available in 9 sizes

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JULIUS-K9 - Inventor of the dog harness with interchangeable patches and velcro system on the chest, 

The IDC-Powerharness is a high-quality dog harness, suitable for home use as well as for working dogs:

- REFLECTIVE EDGES AND CHEST STRAP: One of the most important functions of the IDC-Powerharness is that it works well as a visibility vest too, The grey line on the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials to help keep your dog visible even from a great distance, when out walking in the dark, 

- BREATHABLE, SKIN FRIENDLY INNER LINING: The OEKO-TEX material is manufactured to the highest international standards, 

- HEAVY-DUTY BUCKLES: The high-quality buckles of the IDC-Powerharnesses are thoroughly tested and checked, The buckles work perfectly during wintertime, and don’t break even in frosty weather, 

- IDC HANDLE LOCK: There are 4 handle fastening options, It is possible to secure only the INOX ring or only the handle, or both, or neither, This way you can minimize the risk of your dog getting caught on something, It’s especially important for hunting and search and rescue dogs, NOTE: If the dog gets caught on something, the IDC-Powerharness allows the dog to move backwards easily, so it can get free, 

- SIDE BAG ATTACHMENT OPTION: Side bags are available in 3L and 4L versions for Powerharness sizes 0 to 4, 

- FLASHLIGHT HOLDER: The flashlight holder is made of an elastic material, and can hold various sizes of flashlights, It can be used simultaneously with the side bags, It is essential for search and rescue dogs and service dogs working at night, 



Dog Tactical Vest Harness

OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness - $79.00

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Vest material: 1000D Nylon

Webbing: Nylon

Vest Size (the dog back):

M: 35*41cm (width x length) 
L: 40*49cm (width x length) 
XL: 46*54cm (width x length)

Zipper Pouch Size: 15*10*6cm
Medical Pouch Size: 14*18*6cm

Colour: Tan or Black

Best Service Dog Harness

Velcro Service Dog Harness - $29.95

A durable service dog harness with handle that's comfy, too. Your service dog vest is crafted from top-quality, breathable mesh & features reflective Velcro straps and patches for added safety.
When you're training a service dog, distractions from dog-loving strangers, or being denied access to businesses with "no pet" policies can cause trouble for both you and your dog. With a clearly marked harness, shop and restaurant owners as well as strangers all instantly recognize your trainee's working status. You and your dog will have the space and respect you both deserve.
Of course, just like any working dog, your partner isn't always on the clock. That's why your Industrial Puppy service dog vest comes equipped with removable patches. Take them off for playtime, or replace them with "Do Not Pet" patches (sold separately) to keep well-meaning strangers away. No need to buy a second vest!
This harness helps keep your dog safe, too, with its reflective strap and patches and a convenient handle. Not only will he be more visible on nighttime training exercises, but you'll be able to react quickly to remove him from a dangerous situation should the need arise. The quick-release belly buckle makes it easy and less stressful to wear — especially for a new dog or one who's a little rambunctious. Simply measure the dog's chest at its widest point to get the perfect fit.
As a professional trainer, you'll appreciate that Industrial Puppy supports emotional support and service dog organizations throughout the United States, thanks to our harness donation program.
* Sizes medium and up accommodate backpacks.
* Reflective straps and patches.
* Comfortable mesh lining.
* Heavy-duty, double-stitched nylon.
* Removable Velcro-backed patches.
* Includes attached handle and "D" ring for leash.
* Guaranteed for life.

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